Last Updated on May 5, 2021.

Ping pong tables provide fun for the whole family; however, buying one may not be an option if you’re on a budget. This is why many people take on the challenge of building their own. What’s more, some people love building them just as much as they love playing them.

So, if you’re ready to construct your own DIY ping pong table this weekend, here are six fun ideas to inspire you. 

Mini Ping Pong Tables

Why not start your DIY ping pong journey with a mini table?

These ping pong tables are perfect for DIY newcomers, as there’s less construction involved and less equipment to source. This means you won’t need a massive budget to build one. What’s more, they’re also great for young children who have just been introduced to the sport or are too small to play on a full-sized table. 

These compact and lightweight ping pong tables are also easily folded away, fitting snugly in your cupboard, taking up hardly any of your storage space.

When building mini tables, many models have a feature that allows the tops to be slightly tilted toward the middle. This feature makes it easy for children and beginners to play

So, if you’re thinking about constructing a DIY ping pong table with your little ones in mind, then the mini model is the perfect option. Not as tall as regulation tables, your children will easily see their opponents while finding it easier to hit the ball.

Tabletop Ping Pong

These novelty tables may not be the best for honing in on your ping pong skills; however, they do provide lots of fun for all ages and all skill levels. Because of the small sizing of these tables, you’ll probably want to invest in some mini rackets and balls, too, as standard-sized paddles may be oversized for this mini version of ping pong.

Many people build these mini-sets for their office space, as they’re a great way to relax and wind down between busy work schedules. All you need is an office desk, painter’s tape, and a portable table tennis net with a soft clamp. 

Use the painter’s tape to mark out the regulation boundary lines on the table, and set up the net halfway along the table’s length, and you’re ready to play!

The Folding Ping Pong Table

This is the perfect table for those who have limited house space but still dream of training to become the world champion ping pong player. 

This is because these DIY ping pong tables can be folded up and stored away when not in use, therefore avoiding overcrowding and cluttering your living space. 

When building this specific table, it’s crucial you work from well-detailed instructions, as not all ping pong tables have the folding feature. Note that folding tables are usually a feature of indoor ping pong tables, as outdoor ones are usually constructed as a more permanent fixture. So, if you plan on building an outdoor ping pong table, this feature may not be necessarily advised.

When building your folding table, make sure you purchase durable hinges; stainless steel offers the best corrosion resistance and long-wearing properties. This is because faulty or low-quality hinges can compromise the folding ability of your table.

The Door Ping Pong Table

If you’re feeling extra creative and want to construct something out of the ordinary, then the door ping pong table is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

You’ll probably need the whole weekend to crack this DIY challenge, but if you’re determined, then nothing should stop you.

This innovative design involves taking your door from its hinges and constructing a ping pong table from it. The idea is, when you reinstall your door, it will open and close exactly like before. However, it has the ability to swivel down from the frame creating your very own ping pong table in the center of your door frame. The design uses European sideways opening window hinges to achieve this dramatic transformation. 

The Vintage Car Ping Pong Table

While this DIY project can only be created if you have access to a vintage car, this awesome idea sees an old car getting a new lease of life. The final product is an upturned car, with a ping pong table resting on the bottom of the frame.

To build this project, you’ll need to cut some medium-density fiberboard, taking into consideration the cutouts for the wheels.

You can glue this fiberboard to either the frame or the tires – this adds stability to your ping pong table. If you’re feeling even more creative, you can paint the top a bold and vibrant color to make even more of a statement. 

If you don’t have access to a vintage car, you can replicate this design by making your own car chassis from wood and metal. With plenty of space to get creative, you can model this project’s design from your own car or visit a junkyard for some inspiration. 

The Dining Room Ping Pong Table

This design is for all you home lovers out there who don’t like the idea of having a classic ping pong table intruding on your plush furnishings and attractive interior.

The dining room ping pong table is a minimalist design that won’t draw attention to itself.

A fusion of classic and contemporary DIY work, this table takes on a simplistic approach and is extremely easy to construct. The playing surface is an elegant dining table, so all you need to do is attach a retractable net, and voila, you have yourself a DIY ping pong table.  You’ll be able to create the table with such ease; you’ll be playing games on it in no time.

Get Creative With These DIY Ping Pong Table Ideas

So, if you’re full of inspiration and have a spare weekend coming up, why not try your hand at one of these fun DIY ping pong ideas?

From simple designs great for beginners to those that require a little more expertise, whichever idea you choose, there’ll be ping pong fun for all the family.