Ping Pong Perfect is a labor of love for three very different people drawn together by a love of ping pong as a sport. All of us think there’s no better sound than the slap of ball on paddle and clink on table! We started Ping Pong Perfect to share our love of the fast paced, exciting world of ping pong (or table tennis if you prefer to call it that; we don’t judge!) with everyone, from other enthusiasts to those who don’t yet know what they’re missing out on.

Our resident Ping Pong Perfectionists are Stacy Lee, Sun Ping, and Jason Ashmore. Tell us about yourselves!

Hi! Full disclosure; I’m the one that’s writing most of this! I’ve loved ping pong since I was little. I have fond memories of playing with my family on our old rinky dink folding table. I liked it so much I started going to tournaments, and wo a few regionals as a kid! When I grew up I didn’t have as much time to play as I used to, but I always kept coming back when I could, and started an unofficial club in college among my friends and anyone else who wanted to join. I started Ping Pong Perfect when I was looking into more high grade ping pong supplies and couldn’t find any easy to read, easy to find reviews for tables and paddles. And well, here we are!

Stacy Lee

Lead Writer & Editor

Yeah, I’ve heard all the jokes already. I met Stacy through her club, and you can bet there was enough ribbing to go around. Sun Ping Pong, Ping Pong, Pingers… sigh, the list goes on. Still, that didn’t deter me! I got really into it over the next four years, and couldn’t bear to just let it go after we graduated, so I kept in touch. When she asked me if I still played, and wanted to help her grow a review site (and make a little extra cash on the side) I was game. As a player I’ve got a need for speed; high speed exchanges and tests of reflexes are what it’s all about for me! If you see a review of a firm, speedy paddle chances are it’s me at the helm.

Sun Ping

Contributing Writer

Put me in the club of, uh, people that met Stacy through the club! I don’t play ping pong as much anymore, but I still find it fun, and Stacy tapped me when I mentioned I was looking to break into SEO and site management. I handle most of the day to day running and design/formatting of the site, so you have me to thank (or blame) for how everything is laid out. That’s pretty much it from me!

Jason Ashmore

Contributing Writer

Now that you’ve met the team, hopefully you’ll keep a look out for their reviews and opinions! If it’s ping pong related we’re all over it, from tables, to paddles, and custom jobs for both. We’re looking forward to making our site grow, and hopefully adding more content in the future. When it comes to ping pong we say: the more the merrier!