Last Updated on April 26, 2022.

Are you someone who loves billiards? Maybe you even consider yourself something of a shark?

Billiards is fun for beginners and experts alike.

This is one of those games that can be enjoyable for anyone, and is awesome to watch as well.

If you have been playing for any time, you have probably realized how important the stick is to your game. Differences like the quality and attachment of the tip, the security of shafts that are screwed together, and of course the straightness, make a huge difference to your game play.

We’ve done the research and have come up with the best options available today!

Top Pool Sticks on the Market Today

In A Rush?

Key Features

  • Design is simple but classy.
  • Good material steel joints and ringwork
  • Comes with a hard cue tip. 
  • Works well after using pick on tip to hold chalk. 
  • Great value for your money

For the billiards player looking to improve their game with an extremely quality stick, the Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue is the tool you have been dreaming of.

This gorgeous stick will impress all of your friends as well as offering smooth and consistent game play.

10 Best Pool Cues Reviews For 2022

1. Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple Pool Cue

You take your pool game seriously and want a pool cue that will make shots silky smooth. The Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue is made of the highest quality materials, with the best workmanship, so you know you are getting a stick worth investing in.

Choose a stick that you can play with for a lifetime and pass onto your kids. The wood chosen to make this piece is hard rock maple.

The wood is turned and dried seven times. Coating the wood with a patented wood stabilizer called Nelsonite protects the wood from changes in atmosphere, even in humid environments or places with great temperature changes.

This stick is has many layers of epoxy and a “Super UV Finish” which is high-gloss so that your stick looks sleek and has ultimate protection from warpage and moisture. The gorgeous finish of this quality piece of equipment will resist any warping, fading, or chipping for many years to come.

The shaft is designed with a pro taper and has French Cue Wax on the shaft for extra smooth strokes every time. This impressive tool is guaranteed 100% straight, and gives excellent ball control to improve your game.

2. Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick

The Valhalla by Viking 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick With Irish Linen Wrap is a beautiful stick that will have you playing your best game ever in style.

Choose between several attractive colors on the butt to customize your stick to your personality.

The product can be collapsed into two pieces for easy transport to any billiards hall or friend’s house.

The threaded joint is stainless steel for durability through the years. This stick screws together snugly so you won’t ever notice that you are playing with a two piece stick.

The Irish Linen wrap used on this 58” stick is durable and attractive, as well as providing a great grip.

The 13mm leather tip makes snug contact with the ball, and can be replaced as necessary.

This stick is guaranteed with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, even against warping, so you know this is a purchase you can feel confident about. If you know what you want in a stick and want a tool that will last, this might be the one for you.

3. Lot of 4-58" 2 Piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue

For the billiards lover who wants to outfit the game room in style, this set of four gorgeous sticks will be a dream come true.

These Lot of 4-58 2 Piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue Billiard Table Stick 18-21 Oz With Steel Joint are made of a high quality Canadian maple that both looks beautiful and is durable.

The glue on leather tip offers excellent contact with the ball. These sticks are collapsible for easy transport or storage.

The steel joint won’t give out even after many times of collapsing the sticks. You won’t even know they have a joint when they are in use, since the pieces screw together very well.

These versatile products come in weights of 18,19,20, and 21, so that you and your opponents can all find just the right weight for them.

Tips:  If you are ready to up your game room in a meaningful way, for a reasonable price the Lot of 4-58 2 Piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue Billiard Table Stick 18-21 Oz With Steel Joint may be the answer.

This set will look great in your game room and serve your guests well through years of playing.

4. CUESOUL 58 Inch 2-Piece Maple Billiard Stick Pool Cue

The CUESOUL 58 Inch 2-Piece Maple Billiard Stick Pool Cue 19 Oz comes with an extremely high quality stick, as well as everything you need to care for it so your billiards game is always its best.

This is the perfect purchase for someone ready to up their game.

A hard carrying case is included so you can bring it to your friend’s games or out to the pool hall. Never worry about having to play with unfamiliar models or be afraid of damaging your own, thanks to this sturdy case.

A joint protector is included as well so that the important joint between pieces will never be damaged.

The cue cleaning towel lets you remove grease and debris from your stick while being careful with the sleek finish.

This sturdy option is made of Canadian Maple. It has linen thread wrap and a sturdy glued on tip. The lovely union design on the butt looks stylish and professional, just like your billiards game

5. EastPoint Sports Composite Billiard Pool Cue

For the billiards lover who wants an indestructible stick, the EastPoint Sports Composite Billiard Cue is about as close as it comes. This two piece stick is made of premium fiberglass and reinforced with titanium, so it resists warping better than wood.

This is a great stick for the beginner player who wants a quality stick but is afraid of damaging it during use or storage. This stick won’t be damaged easily, so you can learn with confidence.

High quality synthetic materials like this will never warp or fade, unlike even the best wood sticks. A screw on tip is easy to replace when it needs it, and won’t come loose or fall off during game play.

This stick is weighted at 21.1 oz, making it appropriate for competitive play or playing with friends. A stainless steel joint system is durable and screws on tightly enough that you may forget you are using a collapsible model.

You don’t want to get sore hands playing your favorite game.

This model features a microfiber grip that is designed for maximum comfort even over hours of play. This grip also gives you more control over your shot than options without a grip.

6. AB Earth 2-Piece 57'' 58'' Pool Cue/Pool Stick

Why settle for a boring old model like your grandfather played with, when you can have one that shows off your style?

The AB Earth 2-Piece Pool Cue/Pool Stick Ergonomic Design Hardwood Canadian Maple Billiard Cue,18-21 Oz,13mm Hard Le Pro Tip offers a range of cool decals in beautiful colors.

You’ll have the attention and envy of the entire billiards hall with this maple model decorated with edgy designs.

A 13mm glue tip won’t unscrew like screw on tips, and is easy to replace when necessary.

Choose the weight that is right for you, and enjoy competitive billiards with the 58” length.

Just pick the color and design that speaks to you and order your ideal weight to get playing in more style than ever before.

A one-year warranty can give you confidence in your purchase decision.

7. Viper Commercial/House 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue

The Viper Commercial/House 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue is a billiards hall standard. This sturdy and high quality model can handle rough game play for years of reliable service.

These cues are made of the highest quality Canadian Maple. Nine layers of varnish resist chipping, fading, and warping while not hiding the beautiful natural color of the wood.

This is a product that looks stylish and classic. You can walk into the pool hall or your own billiards room with your new purchase and look like you’ve been playing with it for years.

It’s made for heavy use, so don’t worry about letting your friends and kids play with it too. 

You can choose the length and weight that is perfect for you, so you can outfit the whole family with customized options, even the kids, with the 36 inch, 14 ounce “shorty”.

It’s equipped with a replaceable 13mm Le Pro leather tip, as well as an ABS bumper, so that slamming the butt against the ground in celebration of a great sink won’t do damage.

Tips: For those looking for something very affordable that will provide great game play as well, the Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Billiard/Pool House Cue is a perfect answer for you.

8. Mizerak 40-Inch Shorty Cue (1 Piece)

For the smaller player, doing jump shots, or playing in a small game room, the Mizerak 40-Inch Shorty Cue (1 Piece) Perfect for Jump Shots and Playing in Tight Spaces.

It has durable hardwood construction for lasting quality shots, even when putting it through its paces frequently with jump shots.

Learning to jump a ball during a billiards game can be challenging and hard on the stick.

This model can take the hits and at this price, and replacing it wouldn’t be so bad either.

A 12mm ferrule and leather tip make for tighter contact with the ball than other models, for the kind of exact precision needed for jump shots.

This is a very light option that is wonderful for kids and for shooting from strange angles over your head.

It is a great product to have around for tick shots or kids, especially if you have a tight game room.

9. Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Billiard/Pool House Cue

It’s made of quality hardwood that performs as well as maple and looks as attractive as well, at a quarter of the cost of a Canadian maple cue.

This model is made for high volume use, so it can handle all the abuse your friends, family or tenants can throw at it.

This is a great and affordable product for a shared game room or for outfitting a game room that your kids also use.

Choose a size between 36 inches and 48 inches that works perfectly for you, or outfit your game room with a range of sizes for any guest, from kids to the tallest of your friends.

It has a 13mm Le Pro leather tip that makes a great contact with the ball for dependable play as well as an ABS bumper so that you can rest it safely on the ground without damaging the floor or it.

This one-piece model is best for keeping in the game room, since it is inconvenient to transport a model that doesn’t collapse.

Nine layers of varnish protect it from warpage or other damages making it a good product that would last.

10. Iszy Billiards 58-Inch Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue

The Iszy Billiards 58-Inch Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue Billiard Stick with Irish Wrap (2-Piece), Brown/Black, 21-Ounce is an option for the classic player.

If you take your billiards game seriously and don’t care for all those flashy models, this may be just the product for you.

It’s made of hardwood Canadian maple and styled with a simple brown and black color combination which looks stylish while not detracting from the look of the beautiful wood.

It’s also collapsible so that you can easily take it anywhere with you, whether you want to go to the billiards hall or to a friend’s game.

The sturdy steel joint screws together tightly enough to feel like playing with a one-piece.

Irish Linen wrap gives you a secure grip while looking stylish. The upper part of the shaft is not lacquered, so you have a friction-free shot when you rest it on your hand and fingers.

Glue on leather tip offers an awesome contact point with the ball and can be replaced when necessary. This is a lovely, classic option that will quietly add style to your game while offering consistent high quality performance.

Final Verdict

Best Pool Cue for the Money

Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple

For players ready to take their play to the next level, the Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue is the tool to change your game for good because it’s a pool cue meant to be played in competitions.

A highly elaborate and methodical treatment routine is used to protect this stick from wear and tear, even if it is used very frequently.

With the extensive varnish and patented wood stabilizer, you know you will have a stick that resists the atmosphere, even in humid conditions.

It’s made of a durable hard rock maple that is turned and dried seven times and coated with the patented wood stabilizer Nelsonite, as well as high-gloss Super UV Finish.

This process is sure to make a product that will last and perform through the years.

A pro taper on the shaft and high quality Le Pro tips make each shot your best. This is an impressive piece of equipment that will make your game its best and impress your friends doing it.