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Shuffleboard is a lot of fun to participate in and observe. Gather your friends along the long table and enjoy cheering on the action in your own game room or den.

While long shuffleboard tables are classic and very fun, shorter boards that can fit in the average home can also bring great play to your space.

Some of these games look like and can be heirloom furniture, while others are easy to transport table top versions. Choose the game that is best for your lifestyle, and have a great time with whatever size and shape you choose.

Keep in mind that tabletop versions can also be played outside. While you may not usually think of this as an outdoors type of game, in fact it is a great activity to enjoy at your next picnic or barbeque.

9 Top Rated Shuffleboard Tables

1. Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Best Indoor

Our top choice will not only bring lots of fun and exciting game play to your family, it will also be a beautiful heirloom piece of furniture in your den, game room, or basement. Class up your leisure time with this gorgeous piece, TODAY!

1⅝” thick solid hardwood makes up the butcher block that composes the playing field. Forget about laminate which will split and buckle with time. This solid hardwood will resist endless discs being shot across it.

The surface is coated with many coats of satin polyurethane to protect the wood and provide the fastest possible playing experience.

Scoring patterns of 1-2-3 or 1-2-3-4 are available depending on length. The one piece cradle is made of hardwood micro-laminated plywood and hardwood corners, for the greatest possible stability. It is supported by reinforced double-paneled pedestals.

Interior walls and floor have high quality, color coordinated carpet that looks luxurious against the hardwood and makes game play quiet.

6” metal leg levelers insure that the playing surface will be perfectly even, no matter how uneven your floor might be.

The pedestal legs have in leg storage compartments so that you can make the most of your space and store all of your accessories conveniently at hand and out of sight.

2. Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table

This is a magnificent option that is hand worked for heirloom quality. This piece is hand stained and rubbed so it will look incredibly like 100% hardwood.

In fact, this innovative game is burnished hardwood veneer in Espresso, Cherry, or Honey. Your choice of color will allow this piece to integrate seamlessly into your space, whatever kind of wood you already have.

This lovely model will hold up to wear and tear for years with solid hardwood rail caps and corners. Carpeted gutters make game play quiet and make the table more durable, as well as adding elegance.

The playfield is 1 ¾ thick solid single stave butcher block. The sturdy surface won’t warp or splinter like laminate, even after many years of game play and strategy.

10 coats of polyurethane make a glossy, smooth surface that enables impeccable game play. A climate adjuster system makes certain that play is always its best.

The scoring system is 1-2-3 on the 12’ and 1-2-3-4 on 14’ and 16’ lengths. Choose the length that works for you space and enjoy game play no matter your space.

deluxe hardwood abacus scorer system has you keeping track of score in style.  It really comes with everything you need to get playing.

3. Atomic 9' Platinum with Poly-coated Playing Surface, Fast Puck Action & Pedestal Legs

Best 9 foot

If you love shuffleboard and want a stylish table for your space, but don’t have room for a large item this lovely model could be the answer to your problems. 

This 9’ model provides all of the fun in a table that actually fits in the average house. The attractive playing surface is coated with polyurethane to protect it and provide a super smooth playing experience.

1-2-3 goal lines are clearly marked so there is no question about scoring. The lines are protected so they will be clear for many years to come.

The leg levelers provided make certain that it will be perfectly stable, even if your floor isn’t. A classic abacus scoring system is provided so that you can keep track of your score easily.

The modern, stylish design will look appropriate in your modern home. Even your edgiest friends will be attracted to this sleek game.

A durable cloth lines the interior part of the cradle. The attractive black color looks perfect with the black exterior of the table.

The last thing you want to do when you get your new toy home is go shopping, so it comes with everything you need to get playing, so you can set up and start having fun in no time.

4. Challenger w/ Dark Cherry Finish, Hardwood Playfield and Storage Cabinets

For those who want a classic, professional piece, this might be your best purchase. It’s professional grade and has a hardwood butcher block playfield.

Sleek, polyurethane coating provides silky play that is highly accurate, for more exciting games than ever before.

What could be worse than having a winning shot stick on the table?

A well poured coating like this will make sure that never happens to you, provided you keep it well waxed.

Hathaway understands that space is valuable, especially in the game room, so storage is provided in the handsome, pedestal-style legs.

Antique bronze hinges and a lovely cherry laminate give it a classic look that will look right at home in your elegant space.

This piece comes with independent leg levelers so that you can easily make your playing surface perfectly flat. Integrated climate adjusters keep this playing field as finely tuned as an instrument, so that play will be optimal for years to come.

A 180-day warranty sets your mind at ease that it will be damage free and come with everything it should come with. If you are on the fence about getting this product, a great warranty may be what pushes you over the edge into purchasing.

5. Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style with Electronic Scorer

This model is a beautiful piece of hardwood furniture that will provide hours of entertainment to your family and friends.

The rich espresso color looks elegant, but also fades gently into the background, not calling too much attention to itself. Pretty, clear birch accents and a solid hardwood cradle provide additional quality and style.

The cradle is made even stronger by the one piece horseshoe ends, so you know this is a piece that will last for years.

The gutters and side wall are carpeted in traditional grey to reduce noise and increase style. Kiln dried Canadian Maple makes up the beautiful 3” thick butcher block playfield.

The lovely surface is protected by a full ¼” of poured polymer. Pro-style threaded climate adjusters go further to make sure that your playing surface is perfect every time. This is especially important if you live in a humid climate.

An overhead electronic scorer with a sturdy plexi face keeps track of all of the action so that you don’t have to. Nobody wants to waste valuable playing time or lose the rhythm of the game keeping score on an old fashioned abacus, so this electronic scorer is extremely convenient.

6. Carrom 650.01 Shuffleboard Game

Best Portable 

The Carrom lets you have all of the fun of shuffleboard for an incredibly reasonable price. You don’t need a dance hall sized room and thousands of dollars to enjoy the fun of it. Just set this game on any table and you’re ready to go.

This is a great game to take with you wherever you want exciting game play. Whether you are going to a friend’s house, heading to a picnic, or going on a trip, this can be a great game for you.

A solid .75 inch thick wood frame requires no assembly, get playing as soon as this piece arrives. Court graphics are screen printed with wear resistant, lead free ink that will look good for years to come.

This is a great game for kids and parents alike, and is a purchase that the entire family can enjoy. At this price, you won’t worry about using your game outdoors.

A light rainstorm is unlikely to damage this high quality product, and even if you lose it or it is damaged at a crazy party, you can replace it without too much worry.

Compared to games that cost thousands of dollars, this makes a big difference in the way you can use your game. You and your friends will have a great time playing outside with this tabletop board that can go anywhere with you.

7. 12 foot Shuffleboard Game Table with Hidden Storage Cabinet

Now, THIS is a beautiful piece with lovely clean lines and a simple design that will look lovely in any game room or den. Over five layers of multi core construction makes up the pretty maple veneer that covers the cabinet.

A polyurethane finish protects the wood from the elements over the years. The butcher block playfield is sturdy enough to resist warping, twisting, or bowing. A polymer finish provides a shiny appearance and sleek game play.

Metal stabilizer bars hold the playfield level and keep the field from concaving. Chrome leg levelers and locking nuts make precise leveling a breeze. These sturdy features will keep this table performing at its best for years to come, even after heavy game play in humid conditions.

You can keep all of your pucks, sand and wax in the hidden accessory drawer within one leg. Space is of the essence in your game room or den, and it is embarrassing and frustrating to wander around looking for the tools you need to enjoy your game.

Amuse your friends and family by simply pulling whatever you need to play your game directly out of the leg. There are lots of small pieces to keep track of in this game, and a convenient storage system makes certain that you won’t lose anything.

8. Playcraft Coventry Shuffleboard Table

Here’s an attractive game, made of solid hardwood stained in lovely rich espresso, honey, or cherry. Clear maple accents give a signature touch to the look of this piece. You want a game with a unique look and a lot of personality, and this set delivers.

The sturdy 1 ¾” butcher block playfield is protected by 10 coats of lacquer for a smooth and glossy playing surface. Carpeted walls and gutters reduce noise and protect the table.  The carpeting also looks sleek against the lovely wooden accents.

The sturdy cradle has unified horse collar ends. There is appliqué detailing on the cradle and leg panels to increase the elegant appearance of this piece.

Choose between 9, 12, 14, and 16 foot lengths, for just the right length for your space. While a short table is fun, if you have space to shoot your discs across 16 feet, why not?

Climatic adjusters make certain that game play is always consistently good. Keep score in the old fashioned way, with traditional abacus scorers.

This set comes with everything that you need to get playing, including game pieces and a can of speed wax. There’s nothing more annoying than getting everything all set up only to realize that you need to go to the store for a small accessory like wax.

9. MD Sports 8' Poly-Coated Surface Home Gameroom Shuffleboard Table with Pucks

This amazing model lets you bring all the fun of shuffleboard into your home for a quarter of the price of competing ones.

The black cabinet and sturdy legs look great in your space, whether it is more modern or classic.

Adjustable levelers let you make your game play perfectly stable. The 15 mm MDF and EVA bumper give smooth and fast puck action so your game will be exciting and consistent. Poly coating protects the play surface over the years.

All of the pucks and other accessories that you might need are included with this table, so that you can get to playing as soon as possible.

For those who know that they want a full sized game but don’t want to pay thousands for it, this is a perfect solution. It looks nearly as good as the high end pieces, and plays just as well, for a fraction of the cost.

If you are a lover of the game who also has a good head for a deal, this may be your way to feel good about splurging on a fun purchase for your family.

Final Verdict

Best Shuffleboard Table for the Money

Playcraft Woodbridge Table, Cherry, 12-Feet

Although there are many tabletop versions to choose from, the Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table is the best game you’re going to buy. 

This high quality piece will look amazing in your space and become an heirloom piece that your children and grandchildren will enjoy for years to come. High quality hardwood construction and thorough coating make a furniture that your friends will envy.

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