Last Updated on July 31, 2021.

Foosball is an easy, accessible, and fun activity with many physical and mental health benefits for players. 

As this sport becomes increasingly popular worldwide, the prices of high-quality, durable foosball tables are becoming increasingly competitive. You can find a decent foosball table for as little as $50. 

Playing foosball allows you to socialize with people and make new friends. It also helps you to improve your hand-eye coordination and your body’s posture. Here are 10 more great reasons why this sport is so awesome.

What Exactly is Foosball?

Foosball is a tabletop game that follows the basic setup of a soccer pitch. Each player holds a handle attached to a metal bar, allowing them to control a line of plastic figures and attempt to kick the miniature ball into the rival team’s goal. 

Harold Thornton patented this activity in 1921 in the UK as a version of association football accessible to all. Anyone can play and enjoy foosball, from your elderly relatives to young children. 

10 Reasons Why Foosball is Awesome to Play 

There are plenty of excellent reasons why foosball is so awesome, and here are 10 factors that should motivate you to buy a high-quality foosball table

1. It’s a highly sociable activity 

Foosball is an exceptionally social activity. You can play a game with up to 3 other people on a standard 2½’ Wx 5’ L table, and this sport encourages healthy competition between friends and family members. 

If you’re ever at a loss for what to do with your party guests or date, try playing a round or game of foosball.

2. It’s fun to play with all the family 

Unlike with most other sports, age isn’t a restrictive factor when it comes to foosball. Whether you’re 8 or 80, you can get stuck into this game and compete in a fun multiplayer tournament. 

Regulation-sized foosball tables have a height of just over 2’, so you’ll find that kids from the ages of 5 or 6 can easily control the metal rods and join in with everyone else. 

3. It encourages you to spend more time standing 

Spending more time standing each day with your weight equally distributed through both your legs improves your posture and encourages you to stretch out your shoulders, neck, and chest. 

Playing foosball with friends is an excellent way to mobilize your body and loosen your muscles after a long period of sitting or lying down. 

4. It improves your hand-eye coordination skills

The more you play foosball, the more you’ll become aware of how important it is to master your hand-eye coordination skills. To be effective at this game, you need to use your eyes to track the ball as it moves across the pitch while simultaneously moving your hands to the right metal rod so you can shoot or block a shot. 

Playing foosball against friends and family allows you to hone in on your visual-spatial perception and hand skills.

5. It’s a sport that anyone can play 

Anyone can play foosball, including older adults and those with physical disabilities: you can even buy specialist adapted tables for wheelchair users. These tables are lower than standard, regulation-sized tables, and they are being used across Italy to help rehabilitate those with serious spinal injuries. 

Older citizens will have no issues joining in with the fun as well. This sport doesn’t call for much physical exertion, and your senior family members will enjoy getting competitive with their sons, daughters, and grandchildren. 

6. It’s a cathartic and mentally relaxing activity 

When you play foosball, you’re encouraging your mind to focus on a stimulating and exciting activity that allows you to be fully present. This helps limit the effects of anxiety, where your mind is constantly playing over an event in the past or worrying about something that could happen in the future. 

Using foosball as an opportunity to socialize with friends is a way to feel happier day-to-day, helping you build constructive and healthy relationships with supportive, empathetic people. 

7. Tables are affordable and easy to buy online 

You might find that certain premium-grade foosball tables are relatively expensive, but there are plenty of high-quality models on the market that come with a durable construction, stylish look, and generous warranty. No matter where you live in the world, you should be able to purchase an excellent foosball table at a reasonably competitive price.

8. It’s an activity that stimulates your brain

The physical activity and competitive nature of playing foosball can help to trigger the release of endorphins in your brain, which are hormones that can encourage you to focus and study better when you get around to doing some work. These chemicals can boost your mood and reduce symptoms of stress. 

Foosball also requires split-second decision-making skills and complex spatial recognition, which can improve your cognitive processing speed.

9. Tables look great in your games room or den 

If you’re looking for a stylish focal point that will enhance the overall look of your games room or lounge, opt for a foosball table with an attractive hardwood construction or a sleek metallic finish. 

Impress your guests whenever they walk into your living space and see a heavy-duty, premium-grade foosball table with brightly colored figures and contemporary metal rods. 

You can also find convertible tables with a removable flat tabletop, transforming your gaming area into a card table or a space to eat. 

10. It’s the ultimate icebreaker sport

Whether you’ve invited your crush over for dinner or you’re hosting your new in-laws at home for the first time, you’ll find that playing foosball is the ideal way to break the ice and allow everyone to relax. It’s a laid-back, informal activity that encourages people to have fun and enjoy the rest of the evening. 

Invest in a Foosball Table and Boost Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing 

Foosball is an affordable and fun game that can limit stress symptoms and encourage you to improve your posture. It’s a highly social activity that serves as a fantastic icebreaker whenever you want to help your guests relax. Playing this sport allows you to sharpen your cognitive focus and strengthen your hand-eye coordination.