Last Updated on July 31, 2021.

The dimensions of foosball tables can vary. While professional foosball tables are built to regulation sizes, other models can be built from different specifications. This can depend on whether they’re used privately at home or in sporting clubs. However, this by no means suggests that regulation size tables can’t be used in homes or other community areas.

Other foosball tables cater to young children interested in the game, which are typically smaller than standard size tables. You can also find tabletop versions, ideal for compact spaces or taking on road trips. 

So, if you’re thinking about investing in a brand new foosball table but are unsure which one to choose due to dimensions and sizes, here is all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing your new games table.

What Should You Consider When Measuring Your Space For a Foosball Table?

It’s essential to understand how much room space you will need before investing in a foosball table. The same method applies to when you measure for a pool table – you need to consider the area around the table to play the game. There’s no point having just enough room to fit the table as you don’t want the rods hitting the wall as soon as they are pulled back.

What Are the Different Types of Foosball Tables?

When thinking about dimensions, you should also be aware of the different types of foosball tables available. This can help you search for the right table, as you may require a specific size to fit in the space you have.

Regulation Foosball Tables

The dimensions of regulation tables are 30” wide, 56” long, and 36” tall. Typically as big as regular dining tables, these models are most commonly used by professionals. So, if you are thinking about buying one, know that you’ll need to have around 3½’ – 4’ of extra space around every side of the table. 

So, if your table is regulation size, you’ll need to have a room with minimum dimensions around 8’ long and 6.5’ wide. This extra spacing lets you fit the table with enough space to allow friends to walk around and play the game with ease. 

¾ Foosball Tables

Measuring in at just over ¾ of the length of a professional table at 48” long and 24” wide, these tables are a popular choice among many foosball fanatics that play at home.

These models are a preferred option for casual players and those who have game rooms. With the 48” table being big enough for the game to still be challenging, they are still small enough to fit comfortably in most homes, basements, and recreation rooms.

What’s more, these tables are also an ideal size for community spaces, as well as vacation homes. It also means you only need a room 7’x5’ to accommodate the table and players. 

Mini Foosball Tables

These are the perfect choice for those who have limited space but still yearn for daily games of foosball at home.

Mini foosball tables or tabletop football can be played on any surface in any home. From the dining table, work desk, or even the kitchen counter, these portable and compact tables make for a great solution when you’re small on space.

What’s more, because they are portable, you can take them with you on vacation or over to a friend’s house for a mini foosball tournament. They are also easier to assemble than regular tables, where cabinets need to be fixed, legs need to be attached, and players need to be adjusted. With the mini table, all you need to fix is the rods. 

The perfect table for the casual foosball player, the average dimensions of the mini table are 40” in length and 20” in width.

There are certain drawbacks to mini tables that may affect your purchasing decision. The handles are typically smaller and harder to grip and control, and the players don’t deliver the same powerful strikes as professional or ¾ tables due to the lightweight materials. You also need to secure the mini table to a stable playing surface; otherwise, the table may move during gameplay. 

Foldable Foosball Tables

The foldable table is 4’ long and 2.5’ wide when open and 1’x2.5’ when closed. These models are considered to be one of the most convenient foosball tables on the market. Its construction and mechanisms make it highly functional because it folds easily and fits into small spaces for storage.

Foldable tables are perfect for those who want to experience the joys of foosball while not necessarily having the space to own a full-size model. With the legs designed to be folded and put away after use, these functions make it an excellent choice for schools and offices, too. These models come with the same standard components and features as regular tables; however, their convenience and compactability make them a favorite among many foosball enthusiasts.

Other Things to Consider

Along with your room’s width and length, you should also consider the height of your room. For example, if you are thinking of placing a table in a room with a low ceiling, such as an attic, you’ll need to measure the height from floor to ceiling. This ensures the table fits. You’ll also need to consider people’s comfort and whether they’ll be able to play the game properly.

You should also consider the doorway because big tables may not fit through many doorways. So, it’s crucial to take these measurements before investing in or assembling your foosball table.

Also, get help when you move your table into position. If your table needs to move around tight corners or up and down the stairs, you’ll need to ensure there is enough space to do so without damaging any interior walls or the table.

Foosball Table Dimensions & Sizes: Final Thoughts

By understanding the different tables’ dimensions, you’ll easily choose a table that suits your room size.

Whichever table you opt for, excluding the mini table, you must apply the 3½’ – 4’ space method, taking into consideration how much room you and your players will need to have a fair, comfortable, and fun-filled game.