Last Updated on April 21, 2021.

Picking a table tennis table can be a challenge. You don’t want it to take up too much space, but you also want it to perform well. And, of course, there’s price to consider. The Joola Inside 15 is an affordable table tennis table that’s compact and easy to store.

Keep reading for a closer look at the Joola Inside and why it might be a good pick for your next table tennis match.

Is It Worth Your Money?

JOOLA Inside 15

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent value
  • Folds up very easily and can be stored with minimal effort
  • Built-in wheels make it easy to move
  • Durable, fiber board table top and steel leg construction
  • USATT approved table
  • 15 mm thick table top may not be thick enough for more advanced players
  • Still fairly heavy for those looking for something more portable

The Joola Inside 15 is an inexpensive table tennis table that has a small footprint when folded up and can be easily rolled out of the way when not in use. The table top is 15 mm thick, is regulation size, and meets USATT standards.

The Joola 15 is worth it for those looking for a table that won’t break the bank and can be stored easily.

A Closer Look at the Joola Inside 15

Joola is a German table tennis equipment manufacturer that has been around since the 1950s. They’re currently the official equipment sponsor of USA Table Tennis and are one of the oldest brands in the industry.

The Joola Inside is a well-made table tennis table that's designed with the recreational user in mind.

Looking for a table tennis table for your basement or office? The Inside is an excellent choice.

  • Ease of Use & Reliability
  • COST

One of the Joola Inside's best features is its ability to fold up and roll out of the way when not in use, freeing valuable space. Both sides of the table fold straight up, making it easy fold while putting minimal stress on the table itself. The table comes nearly fully assembled and can be folded and unfolded quickly and easily.

The table top is made of 15 mm thick painted, medium density fiber board. This ensures an even, consistent playing surface that allows the ball to travel as it should during play.

The Joola Inside's legs are made of steel with durable, locking castors for rolling and a set of legs that fold up with the table sides.

Another great feature about this table is that one side can be left folded up for practice or single player play.

Who Is This For?

The Joola Inside is a great table for indoor, recreational play.

While this table is USATT approved, it’s best suited to friendly play at home, in the office, or a recreational facility like a college dorm or rec center.

The 15 mm top costs the Inside a bit in overall stability and long-term surface consistency though. A thicker table is probably better for more competitive play.

The Joola Inside’s ability to fold up and be rolled out of the way also positions this table squarely in the recreational market. 3

Most home users will really appreciate the ability to move the table of the way when not in use.

Our Opinion

Overall, the Joola Inside is a solid, well-constructed table. For recreational use, this is a great table that’s easy to store.

It’s also built to last and could serve a family or other users for many years of table tennis play.

The folding mechanism is well thought out and appears to be very durable. The locking mechanisms for the up and down positions also ensure that the table can be safely used around players of all ages and abilities. 

The simple to use net also makes it easy to take down or reposition if needed.

Other Options Worth Looking At

The Joola Inside 15 is an excellent table that could serve you well for many years, but it’s not for everyone.

If you’re looking for something that’s even more portable, check out the STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table. This lightweight table folds into a very compact size that can be stored easily. The two halves of the table can even be separated and used for other purposes, making this table easy to store and highly functional

For the competitive player, consider the JOOLA Tour Professional Grade Table Tennis Table. This table is thicker and a bit more robust than the Joola Inside with a surface thickness of 25 mm. The added rigidity gives players a bit more consistent bounce and movement. Also USATT approved, this table is the same thickness as the ones the pros use.

Whatever your table tennis needs, be sure to consider the Joola Inside 15.

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