Last Updated on April 21, 2021.

Finding the right table tennis racket can be a challenge, especially with so many models available. Even the competitive table tennis market is loaded with competition.

If you’re just getting into competitive table tennis and need a better racket, check out the Killerspin Jet 600. This competitive racket is ITTF approved and is also quite speedy with good control.

Keep reading for a closer look at the Jet 600 and why it might be a good fit for you.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Killerspin Jet 600

Pros and Cons

  • Great speed and power
  • Ready for competition with ITTF stamp of approval
  • Good sponge and rubber combination
  • Spin and control are both good with this racket
  • Heavy racket for increased power
  • Price is a bit higher than some competitors
  • Heavier design may not appeal to players who rely on finesse
  • Killerspin is still a newer company

The Killerspin Jet 600 is a competition grade table tennis racket that’s aimed squarely at intermediate to advanced level players. Since this paddle is approved by the ITTF, you can actually use it in competition too.

High-quality, Nitrx-4Z rubber combined with a premium sponge come together to provide excellent speed and power as well as good spin characteristics and control.

A Closer Look at the Killerspin Jet 600

Killerspin is still a relative newcomer to the world of table tennis. But, that doesn’t mean they haven’t made some waves.

This fledgling maker is currently producing everything you need to play. From beginner to premium rackets—even tables and accessories—you can find just about everything with Killerspin.

Most of Killerspin’s products are well made too. Especially their premium and competition ready rackets like the Killerspin Jet 600.

  • Ease of Use & Reliability
  • COST

The Jet 600 uses a fairly basic, all wood five layer construction for the paddle and handle. Build quality is high and these rackets are durable.

Surrounding the wood paddle is a 2.0 mm sponge and Nitrx-4Z rubbers. These elements combine to form a racket that produces plenty of speed and power, while offering solid spin and control qualities at the same time.

A flared handle provides a good, positive grip for many hand sizes and shapes.

Who Is This For?

The Killerspin Jet 600 is a great choice for intermediate to advanced table tennis players.

This paddle is best suited for competition. While it certainly could work for recreational play, it’s really designed competition.

With an ITTF seal of approval and fast rubber that’s made for great spin and control, this paddle offers strong performance in competition.

Our Opinion

Killerspin Jet 600

Like many of Killerspin’s other table tennis rackets, the Jet 600 is well made and ready to deliver at a high level.

The high quality rubber and sponge give this paddle a truly premium look that also performs well.

Five layer, all wood construction helps keep the cost down some, but the Jet 600 still doesn’t come cheap.

Price is, perhaps, the biggest downside to this racket.

Performance is great and the quality and finish of the materials are excellent, but performance comes at a price.

Other Options Worth Looking At

The Jet 600 is a great racket for competitive table tennis players—both newer and experienced. But for players at different skill levels or budgets, there are other options.

If you’re a newer player or just looking for a more basic paddle that’s a cut above most inexpensive table tennis paddles, check out Killerspin’s Jet 200. This paddle has a five-ply wood construction and a simple rubber coating.

Speed is rated a bit lower than the Jet 600, but control is excellent, making this a good option for players who would benefit from some added control.

Another option worth considering is the Stiga Titan.

This reasonably priced paddle also has five-ply construction that takes advantage of lightweight balsa wood. 2mm rubber provides good speed and control.

For those that want to take it up a notch, consider the Killerspin Jet 800. The Jet 800 is a high performance racket that offers more speed and power than the 600, and better spin and control at the same time. For just a few dollars more, players also get seven layer construction that includes both wood and carbon fiber.

But, overall, the Killerspin Jet 600 is a solid performer that’s well worth the money.