Last Updated on April 27, 2021.
The Killerspin Revolution SVR will challenge you to up your game, and help you feel amazing doing it.

Serious ping pong players take notice! The Killerspin Revolution SVR is here to bring the utmost style, quality, and craftsmanship to your game. Every part of this table is focused on serious play. The tabletop is seriously thick. The legs are seriously stable. And the weight is seriously heavy.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Killerspin Revolution SVR

  • Tournament grade table
  • 25mm thick MDF table top coated with anti-glare finish
  • High quality arched metal legs for durability and support
  • Available in a variety of bold colors and finishes
  • Incredibly heavy
  • Not foldable for storage

Well that all depends. Are you obsessed with playing ping pong night and day? Do you eat, sleep, and breathe ping pong? Are you all about having the best looking and performing ping pong balls, paddles, and tables too?

If you answered yes, then this ping pong table is for you.

Everyone else would do well to buy a high quality recreation level table that’s much lighter, easier to move, and costs way less than the stylish Revolution.

Revolution SVR Ping Pong Table Review & Breakdown

The Revolution SVR is Killerspin’s highest end ping pong table, designed with bold lines and equally bold color. The table does as much to make a statement as it does in providing the highest quality playing surface possible.

  • Features
  • Specs
  • Ease Of Use & Reliability
  • Cost


You should know that while the Killerspin Revolution goes heavy on the tournament grade quality, it also is physically very heavy – weighing in at a whopping 420 pounds! That means wherever you decide to put this table, you’ll most likely be keeping it there for some time to come. So choose wisely.

This is a professional competition grade table, meaning it’s appropriate for use in any table tennis club or tournament space. The underlying structure is composed of large metal arches to provide the utmost stability for play, and near limitless durability. You can be sure that this table will hold up through years and years of play without showing much sign of wear and tear at all.

Besides the modern arched design that makes the Revolution so attractive, the biggest selling point on this table is its 25 mm thick table top. We like to see anywhere between 19mm and 25mm thickness on the ping pong tables we review. Obviously the thicker the table top the better, and 25mm is the best. A thick table top made with quality materials provides the very best surface for even, consistent bounce no matter where on the table point of contact is made.

Our Verdict

Killerspin Revolution SVR

The Killerspin Revolution SVR is a sleek, stylish, high quality performance grade table that will last through years of intense play. 

It’s variety of color and modern design will be sure to make a statement whether it’s showcased in your basement, recreation room, the community clubhouse, or the local table tennis club.

It is a very expensive table though, so take time to consider whether all it has to offer fits with your tastes, wishes, and budget.

If you are a serious player with a healthy budget, looking for quality table time on a tournament grade surface in the comfort of your own home, then this table is definitely worth your consideration.

Other Options Worth Looking At

For many of us the Killerspin Revolution SVR is more table than we need. If you want a good quality tournament grade table that is a bit easier to move and store, and at a lower price, check out the Butterfly Centerfold 25 table.

Its more traditional design allows it to be folded up and moved easily on its large wheels. Yet it has a scratch proof, 25mm thick table top approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) for tournament play. And, it’s about half the price of the Killerspin Revolution SVR.

STIGA Advantage

If you’re not concerned about tournament level standards, and you just want a good quality table to play with friends and family, check out the STIGA Advantage.

The table top thickness is not great for competition level, but more than sufficient for home recreational play.

And, its price makes this table accessible for most people on a budget. The STIGA Advantage is two-piece and foldable, meaning the two halves can nest into each other for slim storage.

This feature is useful for people tight on space, who need the most versatility out of their table and their homes.

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