Last Updated on October 29, 2020.

Looking for a competition ready table tennis racket at an affordable price? Check out the Stiga Titan. The Titan is high-quality paddle, made with lightweight balsa wood and ITTF approved rubber that gives players good speed and control.

Read on for a closer look at the Stiga Titan and why it might be your next table tennis racket.

Is It Worth Your Money?


Pros and Cons

  • Great price for competition ready racket
  • Lightweight balsa wood construction
  • Concave handle shape
  • Good control and decent speed for racket in this price range
  • Basic rubbers
  • Low spin rating
  • Some users report reliability and overall quality concerns

The Stiga Titan is a great buy for anyone looking for an inexpensive, competition ready racket.

It’s not the fastest table tennis racket around, nor does it have the most control or spin. But, it’s a solid performer across the board that’s also competition approved by the ITTF.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive recreational racket, there are more inexpensive options, but for competitors who don’t want to break the bank, it’s certainly worth a look.

A Closer Look at the Stiga Titan

Stiga is one of the oldest names in table tennis. From rackets to tables, they make just about everything. Their rackets really span the gamut too, from recreational models, to trusted competition and tournament rackets.

The Titan really meets shoppers in the middle. It’s not a high-end, competition racket, but it’s also not a basic recreational model. The Titan is a beginner friendly racket that’s approved and suitable for competition.

  • Ease of Use & Reliability
  • COST

The Titan gets started on the right foot with five layer construction that’s very light thanks to the use of balsa wood.

The rubber used on this paddle is an inverted, tournament design that’s ITTF approved and ready for competition. Below the rubber is a 2mm thick sponge that provides adequate padding and some good spin and control characteristics.

 The Titan’s handle is a concave shape made with a wood core and composite exterior. The handle does look a little odd, but the composite materials help keep the overall cost down and provide a nice grip too.

Who Is This For? 

The Stiga Titan is an excellent racket that’s a great fit for anyone looking for an inexpensive, competition-ready racket.

It may not be the fastest racket around, but for the price it’s tough to go wrong with the Titan. This racket has good control and decent speed for the price.

The Titan is probably not as great of a choice for the experienced competitor looking to take their game up a notch, but a less experienced competitor will find some real value here.

Take a look at the Titan if you’re just getting into more competitive table tennis and want to save a few bucks.

Our Opinion

The Titan is a great table tennis racket, but it’s not without issue.

For the beginning competitor—or one on a budget—the Titan is a solid choice.

While this racket seems like a solid, durable choice overall, some users have had reliability issues.

Reliability or build quality issues aside, the Titan is worth a look. Just be sure to check out your racket completely pushing it too hard.

Other Options Worth Looking At

The Stiga Titan is a good racket overall for newer competitors, but it’s not perfect.

If you’re looking for a less expensive, or a more advanced model, there are other choices available.

For the newer player or those just looking for a more basic paddle that’s a cut above most inexpensive table tennis rackets, check out Killerspin’s Jet 200. 

Much like the Titan, the Jet 200 has a five-ply wood construction and an even simpler rubber coating.

Speed is rated a little lower than the Titan, but control is excellent, making this a good option for players who would benefit from some added control.

If you really want to a whole new level, consider the Killerspin Jet 800. The Jet 800 is a fast table tennis racket with excellent spin. 

It’s competition ready as well with an approval by the ITTF, seven layer construction including wood and carbon fiber, and Nitrx-4z rubber.

Another good option for the beginning competitor is the Killerspin Jet 600. Though it comes at a price, this racket has high quality rubber coating and all wood construction.

Speed and spin are also superior to the titan with this racket.

But, for newer competitors, the Stiga Titan is still a good option.