Last Updated on May 5, 2021.

This is the ultimate shuffleboard size guide, covering everything from dimensions to how to work out how much space you’ll need. It’s crucial to think about how much clearance you’ll need in your desired shuffleboard location. So, measuring correctly and purchasing the right size game can make a massive impact on playing fun and comfortable games with your friends and family.  

If you’re ready to purchase your dream shuffleboard table, then grab your tape measure, and read through this guide. You’ll be playing games of shuffleboard in no time. 

Shuffleboard Table Dimensions

Before you order the first shuffleboard you see on the internet; you should be aware of the different shuffleboard dimensions. With many models available, ranging from 8′-22′ in length, there’s a table for almost every room size.

If you are purchasing a shuffleboard intending to develop your skills to a professional level, the bigger the table, the better. Smaller tables are more suited to casual play but still provide hours of fun.

  • 8′ Shuffleboard Tables: The smallest table on the market, these shuffleboards are perfect for those who have minimal space. 
  • 9′ Shuffleboard Tables: Like the 8′ tables, these models are perfect for casual play.
  • 12′ Shuffleboard Tables: The biggest of the small tables, these models are a great size for playing amateur games with friends. 
  • 14′ Shuffleboard Tables: The threshold for small to mid-size shuffleboard tables, these models are extremely easy to play on.
  • 16′ Shuffleboard Tables: An ubiquitous mid-size table, anything over 16” has the same feel as a full-length model.
  • 18′ Shuffleboard Tables: Moving into the range of more advanced play, 18′ models allow for long slides and usually come with climatic adjusters.
  • 20′ Shuffleboard Tables: The second largest shuffleboard table, these models can provide the same play and experience as full-sized boards.
  • 22′ Shuffleboard Tables: These models are regulation sizes and are the standard size tables used to play tournaments. If you’re looking to play shuffleboard on a more professional basis, then the standard 22′ tables will set you in good stead for developing your skills. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Shuffleboard Table

When thinking about what size shuffleboard table you want to invest in, you should ensure you have at least 2′ behind the table, free from obstructions. For example, if your table is 16′, you will need a room size of at least 18′ long free from any blockages. 

This amount of room provides enough space for players to maneuver themselves and bend over for precise shooting positions.  

If your table has an electronic scorekeeper, ensure there is clearance above the table. For example, it should be free from objects such as hanging lights, fans, and lamps. 

Adequate clearance is one of the primary concerns when it comes to choosing shuffleboard table dimensions. By measuring your room and ensuring overhead clearance, you can easily find the best shuffleboard for your room.

Do You Have Adequate Room Access?

It’s not just your room size to consider when purchasing a shuffleboard table – there’s corridors, doors, and hallways to think about, too. If your hallway is too narrow or your door is too small, you may have to reconsider your chosen table size. 

To prevent any of these issues from happening, be sure to do some test runs by taking measurements to ensure you have enough space. Unlike other gaming units, shuffleboard tables can’t bend and they tend to be extremely heavy. 

To test if a shuffleboard table will fit, you can maneuver a long wooden board with recommended dimensions of 2” x 10” through your hall and living space. Ensure you have clean lines and can easily move the wooden board into your room without scratching walls or the board’s surface, as this will demonstrate whether your table will be able to fit.

If you’ve implemented these testing measures and you are unsure as to whether the table will make it, there are other options you can take. Some may say lifting a shuffleboard table through an upstairs window is a little extravagant; however, if you are adamant about purchasing a board, it may be the only option. 

What Shuffleboard Length is Best For Play?

While the smaller dimensions are perfect for those who have limited space, if you want to have the best game of shuffleboard, then a 22′ table is your best option. The table size that professionals play on, the playing surface provides a full and long range, perfect for developing your skills

While longer tables provide for the best shuffleboard experience, you can also have great fun on shorter boards. 

If your skills are limited and you’re new to the sport, you can afford to purchase smaller dimensions. This is excellent news for those who not only have a small room but are shuffleboard amateurs, too. For example, a 9′ table may have a shorter surface range, but they are not as challenging as the standard, professional-sized tables.

Shuffleboard Table Alternatives

Unfortunately, not every home can accommodate a permanent shuffleboard table, even the smallest models. However, if you love the game, there are several alternatives that you can fit in a living room or use outdoors. 

You can find folding shuffleboard playing surfaces that lay on the ground or shuffleboard playing mats or carpets that can be rolled and stored away when not in use. While these versions may not offer the same sleek gliding surface as a standard table, they are still a great temporary option for avid casual players. 

Enjoy This Classic Game On Any Size Board

Ranging from amateur 9′ tables to professional boards at 22′, there is a shuffleboard table for everyone.

But, when it comes to measuring your room to determine what size is best for your space, remember to account for at least 2′ of space behind the table that’s free from obstructions. You also need to ensure there is clearance above the table, even if you don’t have an electronic scorekeeper.

No matter what size shuffleboard you buy, you are sure to enjoy hours of fun and healthy competition between family and friends.